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Young Danish Tumbler Show Twello 14 september 2002

Number of animals: 136 Danish Tumblers (year 2002)

Judges: Ulrich Lahme (Germany), Deddie Pot en Henk Kromkamp (Netherlands)


Best 6 animals:

1. Red self. Owner: W.B. Halsema (NL) 96 points

2. Red magpie. Owner W.B. halsema (NL) 96 points

3. White self. Owner: H. Kromkamp (NL) 96 points

4. Black self. Owner: H.F. Binnema (NL) 96 points

5. Red magpie. Owner: K. Hackmann (Ger) 96 points

6. Black whitepen whitetail. Owner: M.A. van Heeringen (NL) 96 points


Best Danish Tumbler of the show: Red self of owner W.B. Halsema with 96 points. Very strong cock with strong beak and very good filled forehead. Good length of neck and legs and a nice short tail. It shows at this moment a little to much neck in the front.
Black self of owner: E. Stietzel (Germany), very strong headform and beak, good length of the neck, but to long in the tail. 95 points

Very nice whitepen whitetail of M.A. van Heeringen (NL). Very nice figure and upright position, nice thin neck and a good headform. Eye colour not ready yet (not white yet). Very good design of this very difficult variety. 96 points
Good figure and position of this difficult breed: grey stipper of H. Falke (Germany). Good headform for this variety and the spots are very well spread over the body. 95 points.

Some of the members of the Dutch Danish Tumblers Club and the German Danish Tumblers Club. A very good understanding of two countries with a common hobby
Some of the pigeons in the small but cosy building beside the windmill in Twello. At the top some black selfs underneath red and blue magpies.

Left German judge Ulrich Lahme with Theo Suntken also from Germany. Herr Lahme is the "Zuchtwart" of the Danish Tumblers Club in Germany
Young and beginning judge Henk Kromkamp. It was his very first judgement of his favourite breed and he did his job very satisfactory.

Judge Deddie Pot had to judge the magpies in black and red. He had a tough job to get the best magpie.

Chairman Martin van Heeringen in his role as lecturer to the members, speaking in dutch and german almost at the same time.