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Young Animal Show Twello

11 September 2004

Europe Show Fredericia (DK) 2001

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The Danish Tumbler is an elegant, slender and rather strong  pigeon with a highly carried, full breast. The form of the head has a regular evenly curved line. The forehead is long and filled; has no breaking or contracting at the root of the beak. The beak is long, coneshaped and has a bright, lightly rose-pink colour. The eyes must lie in the middle of the head, be large, bright and vivacious with a milky white iris and a very little circular pupil. The eyerims are narrow and lively red. The neck is long with a well undercut throat, the breast relatively broad. The back is suitable broad-shouldered and in parade position sloping downwards the floor, wings tightfitted and the tail shall be narrow and short. The legs are relatively long, slightly bent in the heel and allways red.


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There are about 50 different colours and markings being bred at the moment. The colours must be deep with metallic lustre on neck and breast



The Danish Tumbler is simply to keep, has excelent breeding qualities, will enjoy a free fly out and his needs are little. It is mainly bred in Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. Through modernising the race, the original flying skills of these pigeons have been deminished considerably.


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